Translation, Interpretation, 文件翻譯/即時傳譯/現場口譯服務

    Translation, Interpretation, 文件翻譯/即時傳譯/現場口譯服務

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    LANGUAGE FIRST is looking for,

    Interpreters for Consecutive Interpretation


    Indonesian – ENGLISH

    Korean – ENGLISH


    The candidates should be (or should have):

    1)     should have 3+ years of conference interpretation experiences;

    2)     should be a “Certified Interpreter”, or should be a qualified Interpreter at lease;

    3)     LANGUAGE FIRST is looking for the Interpreters for the fields of Exhibition, Business Meeting, Customer Services, Finance, Government Services, Health Insurance, Import & Export, IT Support, Legal, Manufacturing, Medical, Business Negotiations, Semiconductor, Telecommunication, Transportation, etc.

    4)     LANGUAGE FIRST is looking for the Interpreters for all the languages: English<->Mandarin , English<->Cantonese, English<->Japanese, English<->Korean, English<->German, English<->French, English<->Italian, English<->Spanish, English <-> Portuguese, English <-> Danish, English <-> Indonesian, etc.

    5)     Interpreters should be a Hong Kong Citizen (HK ID card holder);

    LANGUAGE FIRST was founded in 2004, the professional translation company in Hong Kong.香港專業翻譯公司 – 15年翻譯經驗,翻譯全世界語言!專業提供文件翻譯/即時傳譯/現場口譯服務!Simultaneous Interpretation (即時傳譯)and Consecutive Interpretation(現場口譯) 即時傳譯範疇:商務性談判/商務會議/講座/研討會/工廠現場展示/產品資訊發佈會/新聞發佈會/各行業會展/一帶一路合作/律師公證/法庭宣誓/董事會議/汽車業界發佈會/旅遊協作/個人簽證/移民署會面,等等的現場口譯服務。OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE – https://www.languagefirst.net/

    If you are qualified in the Interpretation Job, please CONTACT US at [email protected] (Attn. Ms. Cherry Chan).  THANK YOU!

    l  Your CV (Resume) with full qualifications and contacts is requested;

    l  Your Diploma Certificates are requested (if any).

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