SilverlightApp convert to HTML5

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    This is a repost of the project – the existing webapp has been deployed to the web in the final Silverlight version.

    The existing Webapp is built on a Microsoft SQL backend and the frontend is Silverlight. The pattern used binding to the Silverlight frontend is MVVM. We want to move away from Silverlight and move over to HTML or HTML5 to increase our reach into the market segment.

    The current WebApplication architecture consist of:
    Entity Framework and linq to entity framework, RIA services, Silverlight and MVVM patterns.
    We make use of an opensource framework to assit with WPF and Silverlight patterns and UI’s – Caliburn (http://caliburn.codeplex.com).
    Other thirdparty elements are opensource DLL’s for integration into Facebook, Twitter, Google.

    This project is to redevelop the frontend in HTML5 without affecting the backend development.
    The existing application : www.acio.co.za


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    I would like to do this, but your site is down and there maybe some differences in expectations, both for me and you – project span, budget, etc.



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