Build a Website I can give you the main code to start with and then i need a cms for it as well.

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    I have the code for a site with a full screen flip like a book http://bit.ly/1oJY7a4.
    I have some of the code for this custom version of the flip site http://bit.ly/1q6YLyf.
    Here is what i did so far but i need you to redo it properly. http://bit.ly/1sWE2sQ

    I need to copy some of the features and make my own custom version of it.
    I have a general idea of what i need and will be happy to get ideas from you as well.

    besides for setting up the front end I need a back end so i can easily edit content, and on some pages i want to remove all the default content divs we create and replace it with new html code, and have an easy way of inserting the corresponding CSS and JS to the files they belong in.

    Since this site is really one page, I need each page to load with Ajax (iframe might be an option but i dont think it works well) so its not overloaded with content, but it would probably need some kind of timing so its not slow on load or jittery.

    I need to add some keyboard shortcuts in addition to the right and left arrow keys for flipping.

    In the back end I need an easy way to add or remove pages, and when they are added or removed the corresponding index, or nav buttons should also be added or removed, as well as a thumbnail shortcut so we can browse through thumbnails of each page quickly so we can select what we want.

    If you want this job, you must respond with a detailed idea of how you will achieve this for the front and back end.
    How long each part of the project would take.
    How much you charge for fixed price.
    How much you charge per hour.
    I need a GMAIL address, NOT SKYPE!
    How many hours are you available each day.
    Between the available hours you must always respond to email and messages.
    I do not pay to start the job, I will only pay after a milestone where you can prove you are doing a good job, keeping good communication, and are doing it in a timely manner.

    If you do not agree to the terms of communication and payment, and don’t give a detailed response to how you will do it, the cost and time, (don’t tell me we will discuss! first respond, and then we will discuss!) DON’T BOTHER BIDDING!!!!.

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    Akshay Babar
    Senior Python/Django , JavaScript and Ruby on Rails developer
    9 年

    Actual cost can be discussed. The project can be finish within 20 working days.

    You can review my work on

    Github: https://github.com/akshay2408
    Upwork: https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~01e16a1b28d8b74dd6/
    StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/736327/akshay

    You can contact me on GMAIL: [email protected]

    Thanks for your time and consideration. Awaiting for your kind response.

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    Hi Richard,

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    Hi, I am Martin.

    For front-end, it is an easier part compared to back-end.I will use the plugin you provide to do further development as it suits most of your requirement for front-end. The only thing we need to do is to put the CMS content of each page into one bb-item div and then the plugin will do the magic.It’s just like some one page campaign sites using fade-in fade-out as the page transition but yours using the page-flip effect instead.Also, from your description, it seems that there will be some pages that share the same html layout and so, I would help to build up an html structure for those pages as the default template, and if you want custom html,css and js, you can edit that in the CMS.

    For the ajax part, I think there is no reason to use ajax for page loading unless you have really large amount of pages to load e.g. 50 pages. The reason I don’t suggest ajax loading is that it cannot be guaranteed that there will be no slow on load or jittery between each page flip if the page contains some large images or a lot of images. Instead, I suggest using pre-loading method in which all pages of content will be loaded at first and users can only browse the website when loading is finished.

    For back-end part, It’s a bit more complicated. I will use Lavalite, an open source cms Builder based on Laravel. It serves some basic functions like page creation,modification in both normal-view and code-view and deletion etc.I will amend some part of the Lavalite to make you upload custom css and js for custom pages.For the menu part, Lavalite provide a built-in function that will generate the menu according to the pages you create so if there is any update/delete on pages, the menu will update accordingly.


    front-end: 24 hrs
    back-end: 56 hrs


    fixed price: HKD 15000
    hourly rate: HKD 200

    Available hours

    4-5 hrs per day (9pm-1am or 2am)


    Email: [email protected]

    Mobile/Whatsapp: 63359355

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