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    Need a representative for a company based in New York

    Need a representative for a company based in New York

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    We are a startup based in new york but we are hoping to have a presence in hong kong. Unfortunately, New York to Hong Kong is the longest flight in the world!!! So we are looking for someone based in Hong Kong who can represent our interests to clients and suppliers when we can’t make it! This would start as a freelance position as and when it was needed but we hope would grow into an opportunity to have equity in the company and a full-time job. 

    Cherry Wu
    Brand Creator & Development | PR Communication
    4 Years

    Cherry is a post 90s youngster with entrepreneurial spirit.
    She obtained a bachelor degree of Arts in Psychological Studies and master degree in Marketing with Event & Festival Management.

    In 2015, Cherry has founded a PR event company and started her journey of being a brand creator. She and her small PR event company had selected by local media as “Most Valuable Service Award in Hong Kong – Most Outstanding PR & Marketing Partner” and “The Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016”.

    Now, she is a slash. She is a freelancer event MC, mirco-influencer as well as marketer in Hong Kong.

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    Tinni Wong
    Social Media and PR
    1 Year

    I would love to represent your company and possibly meet with HK’s suppliers and investors for the company. Please let me know more about this opportunity.

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    William Ho

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